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How you can help as a parent/carer

Parents are the first and most enduring educators of their children: If we want good outcomes for children, then we must look to the role of parents as their children's educators.

All the fun things that you do at home and out and about with your child are fundamental in supporting your little treasures to learn and develop, these things will have a huge impact on your child's learning and progress.

Talking to your child even before they can talk back helps them learn words and language, form ideas and understand the world around them. There are many things that you do with your child on a daily basis that will make a real difference to their confidence as a young learner.

For example:

•    Singing songs
•    Telling/reading stories
•    Talking about colours, numbers and objects
•    Cutting, sticking, mark making and painting
•    Cooking and baking
•    Gardening
•    Playing outdoors in a variety of weathers
•    Exploring
•    Talking
•    Going to the supermarket
•    Celebrating events/festivals
•    Climbing and building

Children learn to smile from their parents

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