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Toddler Room

Children transition from the Baby Room upon turning two. Once a toddler is on the move their curiosity shines through as they look for more opportunities to explore and investigate the world around them. Our safe yet stimulating nursery helps to foster this curiosity and keep your child happy.

Our Toddler Room is perfect for exploring and stimulating your child’s senses. The room is set up for all kinds of activities based on Long-Term planning, child’s interests (child-led) and children’s targets (adult-led).  Children can get involved in arts and crafts and experimenting with and exploring sand, water, play dough and other materials which support so much of children’s learning.

In the room, imaginative play is encouraged through resources such as dressing up, pretend games with dolls and teddies, prams to push and the home corner. We also have yoga and soft play that is a way great to help your child develop their physical skills. There are also lots of puzzles, shape sorters and games for them to enjoy, along with developing their fine motor skills. Independence is developed within this room through the start of potty training and self-help skills.

Our team will also spend plenty of time singing songs and telling stories to your child in order to help support their developing communication skills and language acquisition.

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